Core Connected 2019 – Many join us for discussion on future consumer tech behaviours

This morning, in our offices here in Core, Alan and Emer from the Mediaworks team were part of the bunch that presented the findings of the Connected Behaviour Map research that we launched this morning. Revealing some hard truths and refreshing realities about the state of digital and technology for the ‘Connected people’ of Ireland, we were keen to start a discussion that might elevate what we are doing in this space – critically, prioritising the quality of the basics and foundations, before jumping to innovation.

Core Connected, Emer Lawn, Alan McAuley

Please do take a moment to visit the Core website to learn more about the research we shared today, and looking forward to discussing with you all, in the hopes of staying true to those ‘New Years Resolutions’ that we made about digital today.

Photo credit: Andres Poveda