Grab Your Coat and Explore More with Google Maps

Do you need inspiration when it comes to choosing a new place to eat lunch?

Do you need to find the best burger spot in town? Or perhaps a change of scenery for the after-work drink?

There is a new feature within Google Maps that helps you discover more from your city. Suggesting new places to eat, drink and even upcoming events you may be interested in.

Simply swipe up within your maps app and the redesigned Explore tab feeds you with quick recommendations for cafes, bars and restaurants in any area you’re looking to go or are currently in.

Based on your preferences and location history, each suggestion gives you a percentage rating on how likely you are to enjoy a place.

Try it out for yourself!

From what was once an app guiding you through your travels has now become the starting point to explore more with what’s around you.

This isn’t just useful locally, next time you’re abroad try it out too!