Have you got a minute?

This week in Mediaworks HQ we came across a very interesting infograph published by Excelacom Inc. which visualises what happens in an internet minute. What surprised us is the sheer volume of information and conversation that is exchanged worldwide in 60 seconds!

an internet minute

We truly are social creatures with 20.8 million Whatsapp messages and 347,222 tweets per minute. The one thing that struck us was that 527,760 snapchat photos are shared, over 14 times more than Instagram, this is impressive given the infancy of the app versus Instagram. Our own Mediaworks’ research released last week also demonstrates the power of Snapchat with a daily reach of 546,890 among Irish adults alone.

Amazingly, in the time it has taken me to write this blog over 9 million people have found potential love on Tinder, now that’s a shocker!

Sarah Keane


Excelacom Inc


Mediaworks/Ignite MR 2017 https://www.mediaworks.ie/snapchat-research-2017/