How to become one of the most viewed Super Bowl commercials without airing on TV? #Thoughts on Jet.Com’s winning Case Study

Rewind to 2016 to (an online retailer in the US focused on giving savings back to its consumers) and their launch campaign. The brand new business capitalized on arguably the biggest day in the advertising calendar: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl commercials are normally reserved for the world’s biggest brands, with the biggest budgets to match. took advantage of the hype other brands create around the Super Bowl by creating a commercial about “super bowls”.

So rather than it being a ‘Super Bowl commercial’ – it was a…super. bowl. commercial. And because it was created based on the known peak in Super Bowl searches – they managed to become the most relevant ad when someone searched for a ‘Super Bowl ad’ without paying for one, and gifting those savings back to their consumers. The commercial ran online only and ultimately became one of the most viewed Super Bowl commercials that weekend.

Why did it work?

  1. There was a consistent consumer takeaway brought throughout all media touchpoints; demonstrating savings in as many ways as possible
  2. They used trending topics to inspire creativity; not just that the Super Bowl was trending but that people would be searching for ‘super bowl commercials’
  3. The campaign was carried on beyond one burst; bringing the concept through to the Christmas campaign and building on the same message

In the space of one year, went from a small retail start up to a 3.3 billion dollar company with 7 million registered users.

We love a creative campaign here in Mediaworks; but it’s even better when its effective.

Take a look at the infamous ad here:

Written by Clodagh Ryan, Senior Client Manager in Mediaworks