Creativity Defined – A Pre Cannes Lions Reflection from the team in Mediaworks

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if you only try!”

Everyone in Mediaworks knows how much I love a good ‘rhyme’ but this famous Dr. Seuss quote is spot on for my current state of mind as we set sail for the Cannes Lions festival this weekend. With the global advertising industry set to take the stage, a group of us from Core Media will fly the flag for Ireland and our agencies in the hopes of bringing home a bit of inspiration to spark a year fuelled with further success through creativity.

When it comes to the Cannes Lions, or the ‘Festival of Creativity,’ us Irish will leave behind our usual festival wellies; and instead head along equipped with laptops, tablets and notepads as we aim to fill our schedules with inspiring talks. It’s on every advertising junkie’s bucket list, it’s the pilgrimage we all work towards; and so it’s important to get prepared and make the most of it.

So to get ready? I asked each member of the Mediaworks team to think about what creativity means for them. More specifically, we asked:

“How would you define ‘creativity’ – when thinking about what we all do here in Mediaworks?”

The response was interesting. For one word, that we use so commonly in our industry and our day to day vernacular, how does everyone have a different perspective on what creativity means?

Creativity defined by the Mediaworks team – Word Cloud

For some people, creativity is in the output. Making people turn the other way.

For others, creativity is in the process. Simply thinking differently about a common problem.

For one other, creativity is in the medium or technology in which it’s delivered.

For more again, they believed creativity is not an option. We must be creative or we will fail.

For all of the Mediaworks team, however, we agreed on one common component. Creativity only exists where someone or something has DISRUPTED our process, our thoughts, our usual solution, our ideas. Simply put, creativity does not happen on accident.

With this in mind, along with our handy wisdom from Dr. Seuss, we will embark on the Cannes Festival remembering that creativity does not happen on accident; and imagine what is possible if we only try.

So what am I actually saying? Well, each of the Core Media team heading along this year have defined a core theme in which we hope to delve into, taking an active role in finding the inspiration we need from some of the world’s best.

On behalf of the Mediaworks team, I’ll be looking to explore how brands can create authentic reach and influence, in a world of clutter. Talks on social, content, digital and data will form the basis of my schedule, alongside discussions around the importance of collaboration. Throw in some important conversations around the role of Females in Leadership; and I’m set for a solid week of #Inspo.  We will share our findings on the key themes from France each and every day, which you can follow on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with the hashtag #CoreCannes.

For all of us in Core Media, even those of us heading for the first time, by immersing ourselves in world that reminds us that creativity does not happen on accident, we will bring home with us suitcases full of learnings that when shared, will ensure that we place new thinking, new solutions and new ways of bringing creativity to life at the heart of all that we do.

Written by Emer Lawn, Director in Mediaworks