Mediaworks’ Paul Moran interviewed on RTE News – The Advertising Industry’s View of George Hook’s Suspension from Newstalk

Friday brought confirmed news that Broadcaster George Hook was suspended by Newstalk, following the offensive comments made on his programme the week earlier. As this short clip details, the suspension was welcomed by the Women’s Council of Ireland, saying that an apology was not enough. They feel that for Newstalk, there is an opportunity to do more, to raise awareness on the debate that has arisen.

For the advertising community, it is the commercial impact on Newstalk that had our very own Paul Moran profiled on Friday’s Six One and Nine’O Clock News.

As Paul states, we are passionately respectful of the importance of editorial independence. However, the unacceptable comments made by George Hook had far reaching implications, and it is our role to be conscious of the environments in which our clients’ ads are placed. And it is with our clients in mind that we welcomed Hook’s suspension.

Watch Paul on RTE at the link here: httpss://