Mediaworks wins best Global PPC Campaign of the Year

Mediaworks picked up the Best Global PPC Campaign of the Year at the Global Digital Excellence Awards for work on the Machines at the Wheel campaign for Liberty Insurance.

The campaign was managed and planned by Mediaworks and the Core Search Team.

This awards programme is run by Don’t Panic Events and as many of  its live events were postponed due to COVID-19, the awards ceremony took place online.

According to Shane Lyons, Head of Search Strategy at Core:  “Insurance is a hyper-competitive space in paid search, one strategy could be to try outspending the competition, but another is to outsmart them by using machine learning. By leveraging the A.I. capabilities within Google Ads we were able to teach the system who our most profitable customers are and could also use the most cost-effective bidding strategies to find them. Overall, it resulted in a campaign that delivered exceptionally efficient results and profitability.”