Our Inspiring Campaign This Week: The Infrequent Flyer!

We are all guilty of joining a bandwagon for fear of missing out, and it seems Australian’s are no different! Tigerair, a budget airline, played on this with their amusing ‘Infrequent Flyers Club’ Campaign wining Silver for Creative Effectiveness at Cannes Lions in 2016.

Tigerair did not have a great reputation among Australians and they certainly were not a profitable budget airline, but they spotted a gap in the market for the ‘infrequent flyer’ and through a mix of PR, very shareable paid media and out of home, managed to go above and beyond their set objectives.

With 59% of Australians actively refusing to fly with Tigerair, they needed to find a way to get people to like the airline! Humour proved successful and resonated well with those who didn’t fly that much and wanted the best deal possible for when they chose to fly.

The campaign was built on 3 simple facts:

People love honesty – tell Australians exactly what they’re signing up for when they chose to fly with Tigerair.

People like to be a part of something – enter the ‘Infrequent Flyers Club’, allowing Australians to sign up to nothing but cheap deals! Tigerair created 18 different ‘Infrequent Flyer Club’ members cards for people to print off themselves and carry around. They also placed fake doors in terminals making it look like Tigerair had a lounge.

That cheap can be something to be proud of – changing the Australian perception that opting for a budget airline is actually a smart move, savvy if you will!

Overall the campaign was a great success, Tigerair turned their 59% rejection rate into a 73% likelihood within the first 6 months of the campaign.

Their target of a 50,000 customer database, was smashed by 1000% with over 500,000 customers having signed up to their ‘Infrequent Flyers Club’.

Tigerair had their first profitable quarter since 2010, 6 months following the campaign launch as revenue rose by 18%.

The final objective was based on making the campaign itself cost neutral within the first 6 months, this was achieved within 3 months with 9,142 additional seats being sold generating over €2m in revenue contributing to an ROI of 363%.

All from a $150,000 media budget! Tigerrific.

You can check out the ad for yourself here: httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNxYPAm1zpY

Laura Stewart


(WARC,2016) https://bit.ly/2qHYrcb

Image credit: Unsplash