Spotlight on TV/AV Programming: A Very Successful First Dates for RTÉ

First Dates Ireland kicked off on RTÉ 2 on April 21st and thus far has been a Friday morning water cooler talking point for thousands of us across the country. 273,900 of us tuned into the first episode and unsurprisingly the programme had a 30% share for 25-44’s.

Second screening was in full swing with #firstdatesirl topping the trend chart on twitter for the week, even outshining #prince. To date Facebook have logged 88,238 ‘people talking about’ #firstdatesirl.

The social interaction from the first episode obviously made an impact with viewers as the second instalment pulled in an audience of 292,630.

Naturally younger demographics are lighter TV viewers and many rely on on-demand services for their programming fix, RTE player has reported just over 160,000 streams thus far across live, on demand and extra content.

Will #firstdatesirl turn into a long term relationship and continue on an upward trend? You will have to stay tuned to find out!

Sources: Nielsen Techedge, RTÉ Digital, Olytico