The Future of Digital Outdoor

Digital outdoor has a long way to go but we are very interested and excited about the latest developments in London’s Piccadilly Circus!

The first Piccadilly Circus outdoor sign was first installed in 1908 for Perrier and since that time, it has become synonymous with London and the advertising itself has made it a world-famous tourist attraction. Today it is dark, as it prepares for a significant overhaul using the very latest in technology.

Interestingly, the only time this prestigious site has gone dark is for the funerals of Princess Diana, Winston Churchill and to promote environmental campaigns.

What will replace it in the Autumn of 2017 is a brand-new type of outdoor format. Rather than have multiple ads like before, instead one single state of the art 8mm pixel digital ad will dominate this famous location, where 100 million people pass through every year.

Will this be the home page takeover of outdoor formats?  It will certainly light up London in a hugely impactful way and be the “superbowl” of outdoor in the UK at least.

Over the last number of years, digital outdoor has made slow progress in Ireland, where digital formats are in existence, but not in large numbers. Because of this, advertisers are missing scale and until the numbers reach critical mass with the universe, brands won’t be able to capitalise on it.

London’s approach signals a new dawn for digital outdoor, which will hopefully influence other markets and help open the door to change, so that Ireland can also embrace such dramatic formats.

Image: Source @ Piccadilly Lights Ltd. Ocean Outdoor

Fiona Field