Who says you can’t be creative with Search?

Reactive marketing is a type of activity that can work very effectively in raising brand awareness. The challenge often is finding the right fit for a brand with what is currently topical.

Analysing the live trends available on Google we discovered significant search volume beginning for the Netflix Documentary Fyre and each day this volume of searches was rising as the show grew in popularity.


google trends graph
Source: Google Trends 


The opportunity arose to leverage off this search demand and highlight Lidl’s weekly special offers by creatively incorporating the documentary itself within our Google ad copy.  We included headlines like “Lidl’s Specials Are On Fyre” and “Our Offers Won’t Defraud You”


Google SERP
Source: Google Search Results Page

The reaction was brilliant and impressed us as one user took to Twitter to salute the innovative approach which was met with further positive interaction


Twitter Response
Source: AoifeNiRaif – Twitter

We also saw lovin.ie pick up our reactive efforts with an article of their own: read here

lovin.ie article
Source: lovin.ie


An important aspect to bear in mind is that while PPC is seen as a direct response channel reactive campaigns like this are more about creating brand awareness so we were happy to concede to a low click through rate. The beauty of PPC is that you only pay per click and not by impression!


Peter Laffey – Search Client Manager